Wednesday, June 24, 2009

She's Got Legs....

....and she knows how to use them......


Taylor and I had a lot of fun this afternoon as you can probably guess from the little clip above. It's not the best quality but it was hard to get her to start walking towards me and then hitting the record button! I'll get better at it - promise!!

The rest of our vacation was fantastic!! We had a few chilly days so we missed out on the beach on Tuesday & Wednesday. By the time Friday came around - Ben & Uncle Todd had Taylor walking back and forth between them on the sand! She finally warmed up to it - I can only imagine what we would have been doing if we had those 2 extra days! Oh well - NEXT YEAR!!

I will get my pictures uploaded soon but for now - you have to settle with watching the video over and over again (like I have done) HA! Dear Crazy!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wait for it......

Cutest. Picture. EVER......

Sunday, June 14, 2009

OBX - Days 1 & 2

When Jacqueline and I were kids - the rents brought us down here to the Outer Banks with dad's sister and her family every year until I was in college. Last year - Jac came up with an idea to start our own yearly tradition of going to the beach together with hubbies and kids. Brilliant I said and there started the research! Todd found us an awesome house in Duck and booked it - June 13th - June 20th.

Ben and I left Friday night to break up the trip for Taylor and stayed with Nanny. Saturday morning we got - had breakfast and hit the road again. The trip was pretty easy - minus one little traffic backup - we were down here just minutes after Jac & Todd. The house wasn't quite ready for us so we decided to hit up Scarborough Faire to find something for lunch. We went to a little pizza place and all enjoyed the yummy food......

We walked around the shops for a bit before we went and got the keys to the house. Boy was it worth the wait! It's amazing - Todd did a great job! I don't have pics yet but I will soon! We did the normal first day stuff from there on - got unpacked - went to the grocery store to stock the house - I made dinner for us and then we enjoyed some wine on the deck.

This morning was exciting for me! I couldn't wait to take Taylor to the beach. After breakfast I got her dressed in one of her new bathing suits.....

We were off!! We got down to the beach and set up a spot. Then - just as I was getting ready to put Taylor down - she let me know - loudly - that she wanted NOTHING to do with the sand. Ok - no big deal - we walked down to the ocean and got the same reaction. Not exactly what we were expecting but totally fine. She got passed back and forth for a while and then sat in her new little chair from Nana and was perfectly content.....for over an hour!

Finally - today was even more of a special day as Jacqueline and Todd celebrated their 1yr wedding anniversary! Congrats guys - Love you both!!

Until next time!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BIG Thanks!

Thanks to all that voted in the Caniacs photo contest! It worked - TAYLOR WON!! Won what you ask? Just bragging rights it looks like but that's good enough for me!

Click HERE to see for yourself!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A day of Firsts.....

Today was a day of "1sts" for Taylor. She took her 1st trip to Lake Anna to see Aunt Heather's daughter Jessica's softball double header. She had her 1st Happy Meal from the Golden Arches (LOVED IT) and most importantly - she took her 1st few steps ALL BY HERSELF!!! OMG - BIG DAY!

Honestly - I didn't even see it coming. She was playing on the floor with Ben and she was pushing herself up off of him into a standing position, and would keep it for about 5 seconds. After multiple repetitions, Ben stood her up against our ottoman and sat back to see what she would do. Well - she took a few steps - that's what she did. 3 was the most she took before falling face first into his lap. They were 3 steps that I will never forget. I was asked if I cried when it happened? Nope - I was jumping up & down screaming like I had just won the lottery! HA! Dear Crazy! ;0)

Here are a few pics from our softball/happy meal adventure.......

Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh What Fun....

.....Taylor is 1!! Can you believe it? You can? You're a liar! Ben and I sat here a week ago tonight talking about how we were admitted to the hospital that night a short year ago. We went through the events of the days that followed and were just amazed at how quickly we had gotten to that point. A year (and a week since I'm a slacker) has passed since our little Taylor was brought into our lives and we wouldn't change one single part of it!! It's been a fun ride and we're looking forward to seeing what this next year will bring.

We had a little BBQ for her bday last Saturday. She got to see lots of her friends (not all of them since we were a little limited on space) and got lots of new clothes and tons of fun new toys to play with. What I thought would be the highlight of the day - the cake - didn't turn out the way I thought it would. Would you believe she didn't care for it!?! She truly is her father's daughter as he's not a huge fan of desserts. HA! Dear Crazy.....

Click Here for our May pictures!

Hope everyone is doing well!