Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vote for Taylor!!!

So here is what happens when we leave Taylor alone with Aunt Heather for a little while.....

Last week during the hockey playoffs - Heather brought over one of her North Carolina Hurricanes jerseys (sweater for those that want to be technical) - layed it out in front of Taylor and took her picture. Purely innocent right? She then sent the pic to our friend Tony who lives down in NC and is a HUGE Hurricanes fan because we knew he would get a kick out of it. What we did not know was that he posted the pic on a Canes fan site and she is now a finalist in a photo contest! HA! Dear Crazy!

So your job now is to click HERE so you can vote for our little CAPS fan that is posing as a Canes fan for the time being. Voting ends at noon on June 5th and you can vote twice a day!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Game Over

Well - it was a fun ride but the season is over for us CAPS fans! The last few weeks were pretty intense watching the playoff games - the wins, the loses - the multiple overtimes....sad day! In the words of all Washington teams fans.....there is always next year. HA! Dear Crazy.....

Backing up to the weekend. Friday night - Ben, Lauren, Taylor and I went to Friday Night Live in Herndon. It was a beautiful evening and the band was great. Amanda took care of us like always - and Taylor did pretty well despite the fact that we kept her up a little past her bedtime. I also ran into some people that I hadn't seen in a long time so that was a BONUS!

Sunday was my first Mother's Day! It was another gorgeous day - it was great to spend it with my little girl and she is the best present I could have ever gotten. We went to the Bradley's that night for dinner along with Melissa and the girls. Billy is home from Tech so it was great to all be together.

Ben is in Dallas for ""work". And by work I mean he and his boss are in TX for a golf tournament with one of their customers. Heather was kind enough to come and stay with me so I didn't have to yell at the TV alone. She's a good friend. ;0)

On a serious note - an old friend of mine that I went to school with from Elementary through our first year of college at Delaware has passed away. It's a terribly sad time for his family and enormous circle of friends. I'm keeping his mom and sister in my thoughts.

It's officially past my bedtime.....until the next post!

Monday, May 4, 2009

April Pictures and quick recap

I was working on Saturday and I ran into the Poplawski's! Mrs Pops was kind enough to remind me that it has been a few weeks since I had updated my blog so I promised there would be one soon. I apologize for the delay - it's been a BUSY crazy last few weeks.
Here is a quick recap.....

4/17 - Ben took a trip to the ER for a severe allergic reaction to at the time we didn't know what it was. He had a similar (not near as serious) reaction this past Friday after taking Aleve for a headache. This time he only had to go to Urgent Care and was feeling better shortly there after. He has an appt with an allergist this Wednesday so we are hoping that we can get this all figured out so he doesn't have any more field trips to the doctors.

4/18 - We went to Member Appreciation Day at the Credit Union. It was pretty cool but will be more fun next year when Taylor is able to play the games. Later that day we headed out to Winchester to Marcelo & Gretchen's house to celebrate Gretchen's bday.

4/19 - Taylor and I had a fun day of shopping with Miss Lauren. It wasn't so much shopping as it was an excuse to get outside and walk around the Outlets.

4/22 - Antonio's bday dinner!! Always a good time to see everyone!

4/24-4/26 - Weekend at Nanny's with the WHOLE family! We were celebrating milestone birthdays and anniversaries.

In between all of this we have been making sure to catch the CAPS games! WOOT!

I worked the bar this past Saturday. It was Game 1 for Caps vs Pens and I have a few friends that are Pens fans that came to keep me company. Needless to say - I was happier than they were when the game was over. After work, Ben met me at work and we went to Jen & Josh's for the evening. Heather had offered a few days earlier to come over and watch her Bulls game (sad day for her) while Taylor slept so Ben and I could have a night together. Thanks girl!!

The April pictures have finally been put on Snapfish. Click HERE for the link if you want to check them out!