Monday, September 20, 2010

What a weekend!!

This past Friday, September 17th 2010, two dear friends of mine joined together in holy matrimony. Oh who am I kidding trying to be all prim & proper.....THEY GOT MARRIED!!!!! I was honored to be asked to be part of the wedding and stand up with them as they said their vows and began their lives together as Mr & Mrs Gorey. I couldn't be happier for them and wish them all the happiness in the world!

Saturday morning, Taylor had her first day at Soccer Bugs!! She is in a small class with other 2-3 year olds, including our friends little guy Aaron. It was quite entertaining watching the kids pop bubbles, act like animals, play red light/green light and then a little bit of kicking a ball around in there. Not as much "soccer" as we were expecting but 45 minutes of running around on a Saturday morning sounds good to us!

We capped the weekend off at Heather's with a full day of football and then a visit from Jen & Ian later in the evening. This week is looking to be pretty quiet for once! Good thing since all of our TV shows are starting back up. ;0)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Back in business

So I've been told lately that I'm a slacker and haven't updated my blog since April. I know! It's true! I have been using Facebook as my means of keeping everyone updated as to what is going on in our world. Not good enough huh? Well, for all 5 of my followers......I'm back! I can't promise it will last a long time but I will put in a good effort to stay on top of things.

So summer has come and gone. It was so much fun! We were super busy and had something going on almost every weekend since June but I wouldn't take any of it back.....I'll catch up on sleep one day! HA! Dear Crazy.....

What did we do you ask? What didn't we do? We went to the beach twice - once to Duck, NC for our annual trip with Todd & Jac and once to Ocean City for our 3rd annual long weekend with Tom, Angela, Lauren & Antonio. Ben played a lot of golf and Taylor & I spent most weekends at Heather's pool. We went to a carnival, down to National Harbor for Pa John's birthday, Housewarming parties, bowling at King Pinz (new bowling alley in the Burg - go check it out!!), closed out Labor Day at the VA Tech football game and had lots of family time.

I've ran in 7 5K's so far in 2010! Amanda and I have a goal to run 10 in 2010 and we are well on our way to making it happen. Every race has been fun and challenging. This last one on 9/11, I set my personal best time and it's only made me want to go harder and do it again on October 9th! I'll have sissy pushing me along and Amanda waiting at the finish line with my Pumpkin Spice Latte (it's her sister's wedding day so she won't be running this one) so between those two - I'll have the motivation I need.

I'm attaching a link to our Summer pictures. WARNING - there are ALOT of them! So if you feel like looking through them all..... CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK TO SNAPFISH

We've got lots of fun stuff coming up - starting this weekend with Seca & Brian's wedding on Friday and Taylor's first day of soccer on Saturday. Until then.....

Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Spring - no wait....'s summer! Or is it really spring? Mother nature had me a little confused this week. One day it was perfect and in the 70's - then it was in the 90's and I don't think we hit the low 60's today! I'm not complaining though - better than 2+ feet of snow we had two months ago. ;0)

Things in the Killian house are going really well. Busy as always but having tons of fun doing it all. We had a wonderful Easter. Taylor had her first (and second and third) egg hunt and she loved every minute of it. She woke up on Monday and before both eyes were open she said "eggs?" Ha! Dear Crazy......

Speaking of Taylor - man is she getting big. Can you believe she is going to be 2 soon!? I sure can't! Her vocabulary is amazing (not that I have much to compare it to). She is very proud of herself when she tells me "Mommy! Daddy's at work." A 3 word sentence! Are you kidding me?
That's about it for now. Gotta get up early and get my butt on the treadmill - two 5K's coming up in the next couple of weeks and I'm trying to finish them in 40 min or less. Yikes!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Picture Links & Recap

January Pictures

February Pictures

Now that that's out of the way - Once again I don't know where to start. One of these days I will remember how hard it is to catch up and start updating more often like I used to.

Spring seems to be right around the corner! I couldn't be happier! If you looked at the picture links you will see a common theme - snow, snow and more snow. It was borderline depressing. Luckily Taylor started to enjoy the white stuff so we could go outside and play in it - there wasn't much else to do. ;0)

I realize February is the shortest month in the year but it flew by quick! Between snow storms, working a few extra shifts at the bar and enjoying Taylor's daily expanding vocabulary - I hardly believed March was here. And with March - you know what that means......I will be buried in college basketball and probably not updating for awhile. Anyone care to place a bet?!?! HA! Dear Crazy!

Hope this finds everyone well!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The SUN has set

It's official - SUN Microsystems is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oracle. It's been a LONG few months waiting, wondering and searching Google for information of the acquisition and what my future would be. I have to admit - I have made it through quite a few layoffs in my 9 years at SUN and was pretty convinced that my luck had run out. I was wrong - and I couldn't be happier about that fact! I received my offer letter from Oracle yesterday and felt a wave of relief that is barely describable. I'm still not certain what the future holds but I'm looking forward to seeing what Oracle has to offer. It will be a tough task as SUN was an amazing place to work but I suppose since they did it for me - I will give them a chance. ;0)

Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm back....

I do believe I hit a new high in the number of days since my last post. To say we've been busy is an understatement!! The holidays were fantastic - filled with tons of fun with family & friends! Taylor isn't to the point of understanding who Santa is or what Christmas is all about but she definitely enjoyed coming downstairs that morning to find all sorts of new Elmo stuff waiting for her. ;0)
The weeks since then have been jam packed! We had a date night, Ben's company dinner, a baby shower, Kiara & Amiayah's 3rd & 1st bday party, breakfast with Tucker and most recently a quick trip to Nanny's! I'd like to say things are calming down but it's just getting started. We have more fun stuff coming up - starting this Sunday - Mom's bday! We are heading back down to the Verizon Center this year for another CAPS game! WOOHOO!!

Taylor is growing up faster and faster as each day passes. Her vocabulary is expanding rapidly and she just talks talks talks all the time. Wonder where she got that from! HA! Dear Crazy.....

I never posted a link to our December pics so if you are interested - CLICK HERE!!

Hope this finds everybody well. :)