Friday, February 27, 2009

Catching Up

So I figured I should catch up with the past week before the fun starts again tomorrow!!

Last Friday night Ben went out for a little while with Antonio. Taylor had been in bed for a while by the time they left so I was able to enjoy a quiet night - all by myself!! Just me, the couch, a glass of wine and American Idol! Does it make me old that I consider that to be a fantastic Friday night! HA!! Dear Crazy...

The next day was busy busy!! Around lunch time I drove out to Falls Church to pick up Heather and Leslie. Leslie was in town for Kim's bridal shower and bachlorette party! We dropped her off at Kim's moms house to get ready for the shower and Heather & I headed back to the house to play with Taylor. A few hours later we were back on the road and heading to the shower ourselves. The shower had a Mexican theme - complete with food from On The Border and a Margarita Pinata!!! So food, Pina Coladas and a couple of smacks on the pinata later - it was time to get ready for the bachlorette party.

Kim's mom was so kind to get us a limo for the evening. We were ridin in style in our stretch Hummer Limo as we headed down to Dupont. We went to a few different places - Lucky Bar, Porter's and Madhatter. It was a great night and I'm happy to say my old a$$ survived - even long enough to enjoy an IHOP breakfast with Heather and Leslie. Hey Leslie - you know that comes with Pancakes right!?! Hahahaha!

It took me a few days to recover from the lack of sleep but I managed!

Off to Wednesday night. 2/25/09 - the big Duke vs. Maryland game that I had been waiting for since our HORRIBLE 41 pt loss back in January. (I'm still trying to get over that one). I went up to Glory Days to meet Tucker - besides that game in January - we've watched all the Duke/MD games together since about 2001! Deb was able to join us so that was a BONUS! It was great to see her - it's been too long!! Antonio came by in his DUKE jersey so it was just me sitting in a sea of blue. It's ok though - I had m new shirt on and I was ready for game time!!! I think most of you know that Tucker and I have a handkerchief that we pass back and forth to the loser of each game. This past game makes it 4 in a row that I've had it. Boooooo!!

Tucker and I at the beginning of the game.

End of the game with my hankie covering my tshirt!

The shirts make this picture perfect!!

Ok - enough about me......Taylor is still a little crawling machine! She had a little cold this week but it hasn't slowed her down. Tonight she tried "cruising" around the ottoman which was exciting as well. She fell on her little butt a lot but she kept reaching to get back up so I was impressed with her determination. More to come on that.

My niece Amiayah is doing GREAT!! All of her tests came back and she got a clean bill of health! No issues and she is gaining weight like a champ. I can't wait to see her again soon!

We've got a big weekend coming up! Taylor and I are going to lunch tomorrow with Amanda. Kevin is in town so Ben and I are meeting up with him and Matty tomorrow night and Taylor is having a slumber party at the rents house! Actually - we are too since it's closer to where we are going than our own house and we won't have to get up too early to go pick up Taylor. Aunt Jack and Uncle Todd are coming over Sunday to see little TP in motion!

Hope everyone is doing well and has a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


....Taylor is CRAWLING around the floor!!! Yahooooo!!!
She got so close yesterday when she was home with me and then Ben's mom called him shortly after I dropped her off before work to let him know that she was doing it! He and I got to witness it for ourselves this morning and it is the cutest thing ever!! You can see the determination in her eyes and the fear in ours! HA! Dear Crazy!

I'm not that technically savvy but I will figure out how to post a video at some point!

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, February 16, 2009

What happens when you leave food on the high chair and walk away for a minute???


Friday night - while feeding Taylor her dinner - one of the cats jumped on the counter and knocked over a cup of water. I got up real quick to try to chase her and then grabbed a towel to lay on top of the water on the floor. All of this took about 10 seconds.....apparently that's long enough for TP to make a big mess on her face with the bowl of food that I thought I had moved to the kitchen table when I got up. She was so happy and looked so proud of herself that I couldn't pass up the photo op. She'll thank me for it one day! HA!! Dear Crazy!

A few hours after the big orange mess - it was off to bar cleaning. For those that don't know what that is - all the bartenders have to come together at the hole to literally strip the bar of EVERYTHING and scrub it all down. This begins as soon as we can get the last "guest" out the door and goes until the sun comes up. It's nasty and gross but part of the job.

I managed to get about few hours of sleep before having to get back up and start a new day. Not just any day though......VA Tech vs Maryland basketball day! I was so excited - you would have thought it was Christmas morning. We dropped Taylor off at the rents house and headed to the Comcast Center. We had some time to spare so we went to the team store to look around. I got myself a prize but I can't share what it is yet. Let me just say I'm even more excited to watch the PUKE - oooops - I mean DUKE game with Tucker next week. ;0)

As we walked around - a few people asked us (Ben in VA Tech and me in Maryland) how we got along. We explained that we're Tech/Maryland and Skins/Eagles and we get along pretty well.....there are only a few days a year that we don't.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Nothing says love like.....

.....a pair of tickets to the VA Tech vs Maryland basketball game on Valentine's Day! Ben is the best husband ever - and with the help of Todd - got us tickets for tomorrows game! WOOOHOOO!!! I'm so excited! I've been to a few games at the Comcast Center but I've never been to a conference game. Fingers crossed the Terps come through for me and actually play for 40 minutes! HA! Dear Crazy.....

Things here have been good - busy - but good. Taylor is 100% all better now. She's back to being the little ham that she is. She is still trying to crawl - and still going backwards. All that little girl wants to do is stand so I'm not sure if she'll ever move around on all fours or if she is just going to bust out walking one of these days.

I got to meet my new little niece Amiayah last weekend. She is so precious and adorable! She is doing pretty well but had to go have some blood work done on Wednesday. Melissa got a call on Tuesday evening that Amiayah's newborn screening had come back with some elevated levels and that they needed to do some more tests. The tests are for Cystic Fibrosis so please keep the little beauty in your thoughts and prayers. It will take a couple of weeks to get the results back but I will keep you all posted.

Hope you all have fun weekends planned! I have bar cleaning to night but I'm 'almost' ok with it since I've got something so fun to do tomorrow to look forward to. The rents might be more excited than I am since they are going to be able to watch Taylor for a whole afternoon/evening! The Daytona 500 is on Sunday - NASCAR season is back again! GO JJ!!!

Our latest pics are HERE

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Got Sliders?

No? Well you can with just a simple click on the web.

Glory Days has a new promotion for $5 sliders. Go to and print out your $5 coupon for Cheeseburger, BBQ Pork, Buffalo Chicken or Sausage & Pepper Sliders. Rules and restrictions are on the coupon and it is good until 03/31/2009! Yumm-o!!

Play Ball!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Good news all around

The good news.....
1) Taylor's ear infection is gone and her chest is clear
2) Baby Amiayah came home today
3) Fast and Furious 4 comes to theaters on 04.03.09 - both Vin Diesel AND Paul Walker are in it - Happy days are here again!!

So I'll back up.....I took TP to the doctor last Thursday and we got a clean bill of health. Although she was feeling a whole lot better and back to being her little hungry hungry hippo self - it was suggested to me that I keep her home from day care for one more week just for the sake of the other kids - because of the RSV. No problem.....I've got a ton of vacation time that I am going to use and tomorrow Taylor is going to take a whole day field trip to Nana and Pop Pop's house! Thanks Scott & Leslie - much appreciated. :)

Our weekend was a lot of fun. Heather came over Friday night so she would be here bright and early in the morning for her day of fun with TP. Saturday was my mom's bday. After Jac saw the CAPS schedule a few months ago and there was a game on the 31st it was a no brainer as what to do for mom. Neither mom or dad had ever been to a hockey game so the 6 of us (the rents, Jac, Todd, Ben & I) headed downtown bright and early! We started off at Clyde's with a delicious brunch. Mom got a little crazy and had a Bloody Mary. Clearly I couldn't let her have one alone so I had one as well. One of the best ever (except for the ones Kim & Heather used to make me). After brunch we quickly walked over to the Verizon center and checked out the team store to kill time - then off to the Green Turtle (we had a lot of time if you haven't picked up on that)

The game was AWESOME!!! The CAPS beat the Red Wings 4-2! It was a fantastic bday present for mom. :)

We got home to find TP having tons of fun with Aunt Heather. Heather tried to get her to watch some Lifetime movies with her but Baby Einstein won that battle hands down. Hahahahaha! Antonio and Lauren came over that evening. It had been a while since we've seen them so it was nice to catch up. We watched a comedy special with Kevin Hart and I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Try to find him on Comedy Central - you won't be disappointed.

Sunday - Heather and I went to breakfast and then enjoyed the semi warm weather outside of Starbucks for a little bit. Nice break from being in the house most of the week before. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and playing with TP. She's getting closer to crawling. She got herself up on hands & knees and rocked back and forth before moving herself backwards again. She got a little frustrated that she was going in the opposite direction of her toys and threw herself down on her belly. From there she ended up sitting herself up and we cheered like we had just won the lottery. She hasn't done it again but it's a moment I will not soon forget!

Then it was SUPER BOWL time! Seca is dog sitting here in Leesburg so she came over to hang out with us. I haven't seen her in sooooo long! We had a yummy dinner and cheered for the Cardinals (sorry Scott!). I have to admit - my favorite commercial was not the Doritos one that everyone loved or the E*trade baby that was was the preview for the Fast and Furious 4! New Model. Original Parts. BRILLIANT!! Only 56 more days until it is released! 04.03.09 - remember it people....cause you won't be able to find me that night! HA! Dear Crazy!

The best news of all today was Baby Amiayah came home! We're so excited for Melissa, Buck and Kiara! Apparently Kiara is handling it really well. She wants to hold and help feed her baby sister. AW so cute!! She is beautiful and I can't wait to meet my new little niece! Here are a few pics that Melissa sent....

Coming Home!

Kiara helping to feed Amiayah!

Sleeping Beauty!

That's it for this update! It's way past my bedtime........