Monday, March 30, 2009

Where do I begin!?

We've had a BUSY last week and a half! My last post was about the NCAA Tourney. I'm sad to admit that my bracket this year was even worse than the ones in the past. Looks like I'm buying Tucker lunch again this year! :) Bracket or no bracket - it's been a fun tournament to watch. Ben, Seca and I were able to go out and watch the debacle of a game where Maryland was embarrassed by Memphis. It was a tough loss but I was satisfied with the fact that they were back in the big dance this year! I'm now on the Tarheel bandwagon for Jacqueline. Can't hurt to cheer for a fellow ACC Team right!?!

My birthday is tomorrow. I'm hoping that 33 is still considered early thirties as I'm not ready to say MID thirties yet. HA! Dear Crazy.... The celebrations began last Thursday night at the Bradley's. Leslie made me a bday dinner of all of my favorites....Bubba burgers, hashbrown casserole and meatballs - oh my!! MMMMM.....Yumm-O!! Melissa, Buck, Kiara and Amiayah were able to join us - family dinners are the best! Thanks again to Scott & Leslie!

Friday night was nice and quiet. Ben went out with the boys to watch the games and I had a lazy evening on the couch. Heather came over after her niece's softball game so she could be here the next day for Starbucks and getting ready for Kim & Tony's wedding. Little did I know that her and Ben had planned a surprise for me......after we went to Starbucks she told me that we were going to the COACH outlet. I argued with her and told her that I wasn't going in there. Let me back up a few months....I love COACH - I can't tell you why as I'm not one to spend a lot of money bags - a $10 one from Target will make me just about as happy on any given day but over the last few years my love for beautiful bags with a COACH tag hanging from the zipper brings me much joy. Back last fall I cut myself off from buying COACH bags. I just didn't feel the need for them anymore now that I had a beautiful baby that could reap the benefit of my love to shop. LBH - she's the best dressed baby in all of NOVA!! I've done really well on all of my trips to the outlets watching Heather, Amanda and Lauren buy new bags. I went in there a few weeks ago and fell in love with one sitting on the shelves with a big 50% off sign above it but I restrained and reminded myself that I didn't need it. Apparently I talked about it a "few" times and even contemplated using a Visa gift card that I had gotten for my bday to actually buy something for me because that's what I was instructed to was not to be used on Taylor. Unknown to me - Heather and Ben had decided the day before that they were going to get it for me. Back to Saturday morning....they were afraid that I was going to buy it for myself before my bday actually rolled around so after I was done yelling at Heather that I was not going into that store she told me why we were going - that I was going to get my present early. OH - here's the other kicker.....Ben and I don't do presents - Heather and I don't do presents - I don't do presents with any of my friends....I'd rather just go to dinner and hang out. So now I don't know if I should laugh or be mad at them but I quickly got over it when she put the bag in my hand. WHO HAS THE BEST HUBBY AND BFF EVER!?!?! I DO!! I DO!!

Speaking of "I DO" - Saturday evening we went to Kim & Tony's wedding! It was held at Hillsborough Vineyard in Purcellville. It was a beautiful ceremony and wonderful reception. Delicious wine, amazing food and even better company.

Congrats Kim & Tony!!!

Lauren and Amanda were so kind to play with Taylor that night! And here at the house no less so she could go to sleep at her normal time and in her own bed. The 3 of them had a good time! Taylor even got to go to COACH that day as well!! Don't say it - it's not like mother like daughter - unless you mean she won't get her 1st one until she's over 30 like me - then we can be the same! HA!!
Special thanks to Lauren for both dropping us off and picking us up at the hotel! Much appreciated girl!

Yesterday we went to the Rents for lunch and some basketball! I took some pictures but don't have them all downloaded yet. Once I finish that, I will post a link to the pictures.

Enough about me.....Taylor will be 10 months old tomorrow!?! Can you believe it? She's getting so big and has such a great little personality! We are having a lot of fun with her!! Most of the pictures referenced above are of her so you will see what I mean!

Last but not least.....happy news for our friends Seth and Susan!! Seth proposed yesterday and obvi she said YES!! YAY!! Seth has been a regular at Glory Days for as long as I can remember. I only just got to know Sue better the last couple of months - she's a fantastic person and I couldn't be happier for them!

You guys better come see me at the bar soon so I can see the ring in person!!

So there you have it - you are all caught up now. Hope everyone is doing well! Until next time.....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let the Madness Begin!!

My favorite day of the year has finally arrived!! The 1st day of the NCAA Tournament is here!!! I've got my bracket and high-lighters ready so let the games begin!!!

I don't have to skip bowling this week since Maryland is playing at 2:55pm! I'm picking Taylor up early from daycare and we're heading to the rents to watch the game! Everyone has been asking me - "so do you have the Terps going all the way?" NO! As much as I would love to see another National Championship trophy in Comcast Center - I have them losing in the 2nd round to Memphis. Now will I be sad if my bracket is totally messed up with Maryland making to the Sweet 16 (or farther) - of course not!! I'm not in any pools for ca$h - just one with Tucker - loser buys lunch and one with Ben - just for Pride. I've lost both of these the last couple of years so maybe this year will be mine! Quite a few upsets need to happen for that to be the case but anything is possible right!?!

Taylor news of the week - her first tooth has popped through! :0)

That's all for now....gotta go work so I can leave early! Enjoy the games!!

Monday, March 9, 2009


I LOVE MARCH! It is by far my most favorite time of the year. The weather is getting warmer, the sun is out longer and of course.....COLLEGE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENTS!! The regular season is over and the fun starts on Thursday with the ACC Tournament! Maryland plays that night and I have to bowl. Sad day! I wonder if I can call in sick to my bowling league!?! Priorities right!?

So it's been a busy week and a half since my last post. The weekend before last was fun with Kevin in town. Mine and Taylor's lunch with Amanda was fantastic. It's always nice to catch up with her. I'm not a big fan of snow so I didn't enjoy it as much as everyone else did. Plus I caught a cold around that same time.

Last Thursday was Taylor's 9 month check up! Everything went great. She's 18 lbs 9 ozs and 28 inches. During our Q&A session with the doctor - she asked us about Taylor's appetite. I told the doc that she used to eat everything but lately she wasn't too interested in much. She explained to us that TP is pretty social and aware of her surroundings that she probably sees what Ben and I are eating or what the older kids at daycare have and want that as opposed to the baby food she was getting. She gave us a lot of suggestions of "real" food that we can start trying to give her and man am I having fun with that!! So far she's liked pretty much everything we've given her - bananas, cottage cheese, mashed regular and sweet potatoes & little bites of Paula Deen biscuits! Guess the love for Paula runs in the family!

Friday night - after TP finished her last bottle for the day - mom and I packed her up in the car and drove down to Williamsburg for a visit with Nanny!! I really wanted Nanny to see her crawling and I also hadn't seen her since early January. My cousin Denise and her daughter Kendall also went down. We all had a fantastic time! Below are a few pictures from the weekend.

The next house project starts tomorrow. We I are having all of the windows and the 2 sliding glass doors replaced. I'm excited to be able to sit on the end of the couch near the door and not feel and constant cold draft! Woo Hoo!!

Hope everyone is doing well!